Long Island Residents Outraged Over Nearby Small Cell Installation

About two-dozen small cell antennas were recently installed on public property in one Long Island neighborhood—and nearby residents are not happy about it. In a recent story, published by CBS New York, several residents and a nearby town supervisor spoke out against the project.

Residents leveled criticism regarding the aesthetics of the antennas, including their supposed health risks, decreased property values and the lack of notice prior to installation. “You couldn’t give me $10 million for this, OK?” said David Burg, one outraged citizen and resident of Woodbury, Long Island. “There are potential health risks to these. They are aesthetically not pleasing. There’s also the devaluation of our home.”

But the antennas are located on public property, which means residents did not need to be notified, reported CBS New York. Furthermore, because of federal restrictions there isn’t much the town can do to prevent their installation, said Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino.

Saladino vowed to do everything in his power to prevent future installations and will try to get the recently installed small cells removed. “They have no place in front of homes in residential neighborhoods,” Saladino told CBS New York.   

Verizon and Crown Castle—the two companies behind the installation—defended the installation of the antennas. Verizon noted that small cell and microcells have a minimal RF exposure level, similar to that of a baby monitor, and emit less than one percent of the FCC allowable exposure.

Crown Castle similarly defended the radiation of the devices, and emphasized that the company is in full compliance with local zoning restrictions. “Crown Castle fully complies with all FCC regulations addressing the safety of this technology and we have submitted a report demonstrating compliance to the town,” Crown Castle said in a released statement.

May 17, 2017      


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