How Many Economists Does it Take to Make an FCC? Jamison Added to Team


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markjamisonUPDATE  A second economist has joined the President-elect’s transition team for the FCC – Mark Jamison. He joins Jeffrey Eisenach, who leads the team, Inside Towers reported.

Like Eisenach, Jamison is affiliated with the American Enterprise Institute think tank in Washington and is currently director of The University of Florida’s Public Utility Research Center, reports TVNewsCheck. Jamison, too, is an expert on telephone and public utilities issues.

Also like the team leader, Jamison opposes the Commission’s net neutrality regulations. Passed in 2015, they require internet service providers like AT&T and Comcast to treat internet traffic equally, with no throttling speed based on pay.

“Net neutrality as practiced in the U.S. is failing. The policy has become a growing miscellany of ex ante regulations that frequently work against the entrepreneurs and consumers the rules are intended to help,” wrote Jamison in a June paper he co-authored for AEI.

Much of Jamison’s career has been focused on telephony and utility issues, according to his University of Florida bio. Jamison, who holds a Ph. D. in economics, was also formerly head of research for the Iowa Utilities Board and a communications economist for the Kansas Corporation Commission, according to his bio.

November 28, 2016

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