New Hybrid ColoCoil® AM Isocoupler Systems for 4G/5G Cellular


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LBA Group has introduced Hybrid ColoCoil® -series isocouplers to “economically isolate current fiber/copper hybrid cables from ‘hot’ AM towers,” according to Jerry Brown, Director of Sales. Brown said hybrid cables are fast replacing coaxial cables for advanced 4G and new 5G cellular installations so for legacy AM colocations, LBA Hybrid ColoCoils become drop-in upgrade replacements for coaxial ColoCoils, saving valuable space in tower-base compounds. 

“Quick installation minimizes crew costs and AM station downtime.

 Depending upon hybrid cable configuration, each Hybrid ColoCoil® can support up to nine remote radio heads,” Brown said.

The nature of an AM radio tower requires that any metallic cable running to the AM tower must be electrically isolated from the tower to prevent disruption of the AM transmission. In many cases this means the use of what’s generally referred to as an AM isocoupler. Hybrid cable is not excluded from this requirement. While the fiber does not have to be isolated, any DC or alarm wire pairs in a hybrid cable must be isolated from the AM tower.  

“With the growing use of remote radio heads (RRH) or remote radio units (RRU) by wireless carriers,” Brown said, “the Hybrid ColoCoil® allows the hybrid cable feeding these on-tower carrier systems to be run across the base of an AM tower with all wire pairs isolated from the AM. These precision designed LBA hybrid cable isolation systems can accommodate any model of hybrid cable on the market.”

November 12, 2019

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