Nokia Edge Compute Surpasses Capacity of 100 Gigs


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To achieve Industry 4.0, enterprises need edge compute with some real firepower. Nokia has demonstrated just that. The OEM achieved private wireless network capacity of 100 Gbps throughput on a single MX Industrial Edge server. The trial, conducted in partnership with Intel, demonstrated that the Nokia Digital Automation Cloud and MX Industrial Edge systems are ready for high bandwidth 5G private wireless deployments and capable of processing Industry 4.0 use cases running on the edge at scale.

Earlier this month, the OEM introduced the MX Industrial Edge that it said is the first off-the-shelf, mission-critical industrial edge computer for use in Industry 4.0.The unit is designed to help industrial enterprises accelerate their operational technology digitalization initiatives, according to the OEM. 

“The Nokia MX Industrial Edge addresses the new category of Industry 4.0 applications that require increased capabilities and performance at the network edge, and tight integration with industrial systems and networking solutions,” Nokia said.

The transition to Industry 4.0 depends on innovations in industrial IoT (IIoT), AI and machine learning (ML), edge computing and wireless communications. Asset-intensive industries that can benefit include manufacturing, ports, mines, utilities, railways, airports, logistics, intelligent highways and smart cities.

“The digital transformation of these activities is based on your ability to capture data, process and analyze it and to then act on it, often in near-real-time,” Nokia said. “Data captured from IIoT sensors is processed by edge computing using AI and ML to model and analyze it. The results are used to make split-second decisions, reconfigure processes and achieve new efficiencies, especially around automation.”

During the test, the Nokia MX Industrial edge ran the routing function and the Nokia DAC 5G SA private wireless core and management. The majority of the CPU processing and memory capacity remained available for the processing of Industry 4.0 use cases running on the MX Industrial Edge server. “This achievement proves that the MX Industrial Edge solution offers customers the flexibility and scalability to perform mission-critical tasks and implement advanced future technology, such as Mixed Reality in Industry 4.0,” Nokia said.

“Industry 4.0 is transforming asset-intensive industries by integrating and digitalizing all processes and systems across the industrial value chain,” said Stephan Litjens, Head of Enterprise Solutions at Nokia. ”This will result in an explosion of data – and taking the right actions based on that data in near real-time will be critical to the success of digital transformation initiatives.”

By J. Sharpe Smith Inside Towers Technology Editor

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