Nokia Handsets Could Be Making a Comeback to U.S. Market


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Remember the good ol’ days when your first cell phone was very likely a Nokia?, reports that Nokia phones could soon be back in the hands of U.S. smartphone users.  While the Nokia brand has remained popular in other parts of the world, HMG Global, the license holder for the Nokia brand, has stepped away from the U.S. market for the past few years.

After concentrating on their foreign audience, the company has decided to re-enter the North American playing field, distributing its phone through Verizon and Cricket Wireless channels in the U.S. Canadian customers could receive a Nokia chatr-branded phone through Rogers. The Nokia Android smartphone will be available to pre-paid customers only.

In a written statement, HMD Global’s VP for the Americas Maurizio Angelone announced: “Just over two years ago, on a global level, we committed to delivering reliable and durable Nokia phones through purposeful, distinct design. Since then, we have reintroduced iconic devices and a range of Nokia smartphones on Android, plus established imaging, software and manufacturing partnerships with the best in the industry.”

He continued: “Thanks to fantastic consumer response, we are now proud to be in a position where we can expand our foothold in North America by partnering with some of North America’s largest wireless providers.  In 2019 and beyond, we will continue to give consumers a versatile line up of Nokia phones they can use unlocked or with their preferred wireless providers. Our approach to operator relationships is not transactional—our users will see more devices at different price points launching with our prepaid and post-paid wireless proven partners and on the open market.”

February 6, 2019   

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