Northern New Jersey Receiving Influx of Verizon Small Cell Node Applications


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verizonResidents of northern New Jersey may soon be experiencing better wireless coverage in several municipalities across the Garden State. Verizon has made requests in different municipalities to install small cell network nodes on utility poles, reports

While some applications remain on hold due to high volume, those that have already been approved by municipalities do not limit the number of nodes that can be placed in the municipality, but require the operator to abide by certain safety rules.

“The single biggest concern is that if you sign an agreement to install nodes in a right-of-way, you must allow any subsequent company access under the same terms,” says Michael J. Darcy, executive director of the New Jersey League of Municipalities. “We’re encouraging municipalities to look at neutral ordinances regulating the number of devices in a given area so we don’t have a ‘wild west’ of 50 nodes on every street.”

Rules that operators agree to when given approval by municipalities include adherence to safety regulations, holding the municipality harmless for any property damage or injuries, the maintenance of liability insurance, and holding the operator responsible for any damage to public-owned property.

“This is about staying ahead of the demand for data, which is growing at a staggering rate,” Verizon spokeswoman Carolyn Schamberger told “Small cells are primarily used to improve capacity in high congested areas both in-building and outdoors. Sometimes they are used to enhance coverage as well.”   

January 30, 2017

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