Not Everything is Big in Texas When it Comes to Small Cells


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Texas is getting smaller by the minute with small cell booster boxes appearing in greater numbers in Killeen, reports the Killeen Daily Herald. Citizens in the Lone Star state are preparing for better connectivity in the future by installing a small cell network now.  

“Verizon and AT&T are testing their technologies at different locations in the U.S.,” said president of the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce, John Crutchfield.

 “Verizon’s decision to deploy small cells in this community is a positive thing.”

So far, 17 small cell units have been approved for deployment in Killeen, with the possibility of adding more soon, said Jeanine Brew Braggs, Verizon spokesperson. “Six are constructed and pending activation,” she said. “Additional sites will start construction in the next few weeks.”

Proud of Verizon’s ability to provide quality service, Braggs added, “No matter the technology, we are always first and the products we offer are always the best. We hold ourselves to high standards and our customers have come to expect that from us.”

Killeen’s small cell policy is due to wrap up in early 2020. Crutchfield expressed concerns that any network his town installs be both safe, and as up to date as possible. “There are national security concerns about Huawei given the Chinese reputation for stealing technology,” he said. “This could slow the process down. National deployment of 5G is a big infrastructure deployment and will take time once technologies are proven.”  

Crutchfield added, “Advancements in technology are driving innovation rapidly forward. If the past is any indicator, smart cell technology will evolve quickly and become obsolete before we know it.” 

July 9, 2019

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