Oncology Professor and Fire Chief Give New Tower ‘Thumbs Up’


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A cell tower erected last month on Golder Ranch Fire District property met with approval and backlash from various parties in Catalina, AZ, according to KVOA-TV. The monopole belongs to Verizon who approached the city about a potential site in 2017.

A clinical professor of Radiation Oncology at UC Davis, Gerald Bushberg, told KVOA-TV, “Now if there’s an accident or a lost child or whatever, there’s going to be more people that have better coverage to report something that doesn’t look quite right,” he said, adding that the signal is no more threatening than exposure to a microwave.

 “If you just think it’s all radiation, it might scare you,” Bushberg said.

Captain Adam Jarrold of the Golder Ranch Fire Department agrees with Bushberg, saying, “We thought it would be great for the community to increase the cell phone service simply because a lot of people don’t carry landlines anymore so their cell phones are the only way to access the 911 system.”  

Concerned residents contacted an association that has taken anti-tower development positions on the subject. “I would not live here, it’s too dangerous,” said Elizabeth Kelley executive director of the organization, Electromagnetic Safety Alliance (ESA). Kelley, a former policy analyst in D.C., produced a film in 2001 called, “Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy and the Wireless Revolution” and is co-founder of the “International EMF Alliance.” Her bio on the ESA website reads: “Her contributions to advocating for greater health protection from artificial non-ionizing radiation sources have included giving presentations and policy briefings in the U.S…and being interviewed frequently by the media.”

June 11, 2019

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