Pandemic Brings Insights and New Applications to Project Management


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As operators in the wireless infrastructure field have had to adjust in the past year due to COVID, the focus on personnel deployment has been a central issue. Managing crews in the field has been particularly troublesome given an unanticipated illness or a delay in getting equipment to the site. Even encountering an unexpected bird’s nest can change how a vendor’s assets are re-deployed to their best usage. A company that has built their reputation and product around tracking project management, Sitetracker, has had to evolve along with the contractors by developing new applications that address how vendors can best track and manage their field operations.

“COVID helped accelerate our ambitions to control and maintain field teams,” said Brett Chester, Sitetracker’s VP of Marketing. “When you think about limits as to how many people you can put in a car together or what happens if the whole team goes down [due to sickness], how do you reroute? Operational excellence, as it stands right now, has to be tied to the field.”  

Sitetracker’s latest release addresses these problems by linking project tasks, assets, and inventory with the field to help ensure operational objectives are met regardless of the varying conditions. According to Chester, “If you’re putting folks out in the field and you’ve got that on a spreadsheet or the back of a napkin, you’re not going to be able to control what you need to control in this dispersed world that we live in right now.”

“Sitetracker has always given us a competitive advantage and made it possible for us to scale our operations into new markets,” said Mike Zigrossi, VP of Operations at Intersection. “The real-time updates make it easy for us to report on exactly what is going on in the field, optimize workflows on the fly, and forecast the future.” 

“We’ve seen for too long that juggling multiple tools to manage communication between the field and the office creates waste like unnecessary site visits and excessive re-work, ultimately costing businesses money,” said Sitetracker CTO Tim May. “This next evolution of Sitetracker is helping our customers realize the power of a connected single source of truth platform which is changing their entire business.” Now, teams can schedule and dispatch field crews, track inventory, manage short-term work, and capture accurate photos, video, and data directly from the field during every step of a project, from planning and deployment, to on-going maintenance – all in a single platform. For a demo, click here

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