Petzl®: Engineering Products For The “Best In Class” Rescue Plan


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When it comes to the telecommunications industry, Petzl focuses on all aspects of a climber’s safety including fall protection, rope access, lighting, and rescue. This commitment is nothing new for a family-owned company that’s been on a mission since the 1970s to create innovative tools and solutions to allow men and women to progress, position, and protect themselves in vertical environments, as well as to light their way in the dark.

“For over 25 years, Petzl has been committed to the work-at-height community, and we strongly believe that no fall protection system is complete without a rescue plan,” said Michel Goulet, Professional Division National Sales Manager at Petzl.

 “We’ve custom designed and manufactured our JAG RESCUE KIT for tower safety, specifically to pick off and lower an injured or incapacitated casualty. As the saying goes, ‘plan for the worst, hope for the best.’”

The JAG RESCUE KIT is engineered to perform partner rescue, and it is very intuitive to use. This Petzl assembly contains a JAG SYSTEM haul kit, an I’D EVAC descender with integrated brake and friction cleat, a CONNEXION FIXE 150 cm anchor strap, 3 connectors, a BUCKET bag, and an AXIS 11 mm rope with sewn terminations. It is also available in three lengths: 30, 60 and 120 m.  

“This equipment was designed to perform two key functions: transfer the load of the casualty from his/her fall arrest system onto the rescue lowering system and to easily control the descent of the casualty to the ground,” said Goulet. “Hopefully a team working together on such an evacuation all have received training on how to utilize the JAG in the event an emergency occurs.”

Why is a quick rescue imperative? “If there is a serious injury that occurs on a tower the casualty needs to get to the hospital within what’s known as ‘the golden hour’ rule which is 60 minutes following the occurrence. This is a critical part of a best in class rescue plan,” said Goulet. “A lot of preplanning needs to go into this – the bigger the job, the further you are away from urban centers, the more you have to plan for medical emergencies and fast, safe rescues.”

How can the JAG RESCUE KIT enable a best in class rescue plan? If a climber working at heights falls and he or she is hanging from their harness, this constitutes a real emergency since this situation can negatively affect blood circulation and respiration. If the climber is motionless and cannot self-rescue or be rescued by a partner within 20 minutes, the casualty may faint while hanging from a harness and danger can ensue, putting the climber’s life in jeopardy.  The I’D EVAC rescue descent control device is designed to handle a one or two-person load. Rescuers have the option to perform an accompanied (pick-off) or unaccompanied (lower) rescue operation depending on psychological, environmental and physical obstruction factors.

“We believe the JAG needs to be strategically positioned on site when people are climbing. Period,” said Goulet. “It’s a system that is designed to allow one person to save another in a timely and controlled manner.”

For more information on the Jag Rescue Kit and related products, click here.

May 10, 2019

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