Polaris Wireless Launches 3D Location Platform For Application Developers


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Polaris Wireless, a provider of software-based wireless location solutions, today announced the commercial availability of the industry’s first high-accuracy carrier-independent 3D location platform for application developers. A company statement said by integrating their applications to the new platform, developers now are able to provide end users with pinpoint location, including indoors and in high-rise buildings with floor level accuracy, delivering enhanced situational awareness and improved operational efficiency.

Polaris Wireless has integrated its new platform with Orion Labs, Inc., a San Francisco-based company delivering instant and secure voice and location communication via its Orion team communication platform, apps, and devices.

“The indoor location of personnel and equipment assets is a vital piece of the puzzle for many mobile business-critical applications. The Polaris Wireless 3D location platform helps application developers address this challenge by providing a comprehensive toolkit with APIs and a proven location technology platform delivering accurate horizontal and vertical locations of devices operating inside buildings,” said Ken Rehbehn, Principal Analyst for Critical Communications Insights, LLC.

The Polaris Wireless 3D location platform is cloud-based and is available to application developers via a standard Android and iOS SDK. It relies on Polaris Wireless’ innovative 3D location technology which is able to locate devices on the vertical axis within three meters, floor level, using all available signals and sensor measurements combined with the company’s patented algorithms. By operating independently, or ‘over the top,’ of wireless carrier networks, the platform is truly universal, enabling applications to locate any device on any network.

“Our platform is the only software-based 3D location solution with proven floor-level accuracy independently tested under the sponsorship of the industry association CTIA and ready for use,” said Amir Sattar, Vice President of Operations for Polaris Wireless. “We are partnering with best-in-class application developers, such as Orion, to bring 3D location to a diverse range of industries.”

Orion will demonstrate its solution based on the Polaris Wireless 3D location platform at the International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas March 4-8, in booth No. 3371. Additionally, Polaris Wireless CEO, Manlio Allegra, will be participating in an IWCE panel titled “Impact of Enhanced Location Accuracy on Public Safety and 911 Services” today, March 6, at 11:45 a.m.  

March 6, 2019

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