Raycap | STEALTH®: Setting the New Standard for Concealed Small Cell Poles


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Trusted for decades with creating products that protect and support the world’s most valuable assets from power and lightning surges, Raycap is poised to become a leader in the small cell concealment arena as well. Always innovating and expanding, Raycap acquired STEALTH small cell concealment solutions in June 2018, to bring 5G to “the people” without them even noticing.

“We saw the opportunity to become part of the backbone of the next-generation network,” said Kelly Richards, Senior VP of Sales North America.

 “By partnering with STEALTH, we’re able to offer customers a small cell product line and support the buildout for 5G while still serving the market with our Strikesorb surge protection devices which protect mission-critical equipment.”

Combined with the team from STEALTH, Raycap focuses on the development of not just the traditional STEALTH concealment solutions such as chimneys, cupolas or wall sconces, but on the ability to manufacture all types of concealed, partially concealed and fully integrated concealed pole products that can support the 5G network. The product line requirements include aesthetically pleasing and RF-friendly designs that operate seamlessly. 

Raycap is so committed to the 5G arena that they’ve invested in a 112,000 square foot steel fabrication and integration facility in South Carolina. This new operation, combined with STEALTH’s existing 70,000 square foot composite and concealment fabrication plant and Raycap’s west coast facility, can produce 1,000 integrated and concealed poles per month.

“To say we’ve ramped up production is an understatement,” said Trey Nemeth, Senior VP of Operations & Engineering. “In addition to our strong in-house R&D capabilities, our facilities are state of the art, enabling us to marry the best of both companies, including technological know-how and aesthetic aptitude, while still maintaining the sense of urgency that’s imperative to serve the telecommunications industry.”

Combined with STEALTH’s concealment industry expertise, Raycap can handle large or small concealment product rollouts and provide the best customer service, product design, engineering, manufacturing, aesthetic requirements, and ease of installation, becoming a one-stop-shop for carriers.

“It is clear that the simple light pole along our sidewalks and city pavements is changing and will soon become a pivotal component of the new ‘5G ecosystem,’” said Richards. “What were once simply incandescent light fixtures will become the core of highly sophisticated electronic systems, supporting ‘smart city hubs.’”

With a focus on making antennas undetectable while minimizing any negative impact on signal strength, the team has recently developed a unique patent-pending 5G mmWave concealment material that meets the needs of 5G bandwidth and Gigabit speeds, while minimizing dB loss. InvisiWave™ is suitable for the concealment of 5G mmWave radio systems in the U.S. market and works in the frequency ranges of 28 GHz and 39 GHz bands. These higher frequency applications are much more sensitive to concealment materials placed in the antenna path, and the Raycap | STEALTH team has a solution that meets the concealment needs of next-generation small cell networks.

“We’re excited about the launch of our new, InvisiWave product,” said Nemeth. “The InvisiWave material is available to be used in pole toppers, surrounds, and radomes as well as for the panel products like chimneys, cupolas and other rooftop concealments. It’s proven to provide the performance needed while still maintaining the qualities necessary for concealment material.”

Raycap | STEALTH works with all major carriers, zoning officials, general contractors, and others within the wireless industry. Founded in Greece in 1987, Raycap is a global leader supplying the largest telecom operators and OEM’s with equipment that protects, connects and conceals their wireless and fixed networks. With over 300 patents issued, more than 1,200 employees, and an international presence, Raycap has locations in the United States, Germany, France, Slovenia, Romania, Greece, and Cyprus. For more information or to contact a representative, visit https://www.raycap.com/ or https://stealthconcealment.com.

May 14, 2019

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