Reader Says Feds Have Overstepped Local Authority


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RE: 4/16 Inside Towers article: Whitefish Swimming Upstream on FCC Regulations

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Dear Editor,

I am a 23-year veteran of the wireless industry and I believe both the Feds and several states have gone too far! Communities are responsible for the health, safety and the general welfare of their residents. Part of that responsibility is their right to zone.

The implementation of these new laws and regulations are taking their rights away as well as imposing regulations that violate the community’s right for maintaining a right to facilitate orderly growth. The imposing FCC regulations have gone far beyond any federal regulations that have been implemented in the past.

Communities have been told that they must accept these new regulations. Several communities have already seen the regulations pushed to the limits with the implementation of span mounts and multiple mounts on light poles with no consideration. I have already seen the installation on six light poles in a row.

Here is a potential problem, although I am told it has already occurred: an automobile crashes into a light pole and severely damaged the carriers installation. The damage far surpasses the policy limits creating a substantial burden on the vehicle owner.

I have heard the new regulations can be compared to the implementation of the National Defense Highway Act or the Interstate Highway Act. No comparison here! Extensive hearings were conducted, agreements between the states and feds were executed, rules were promoted in an orderly fashion and most of all there was community input.

The communities were not given the opportunity to be heard and the rules were hastily imposed upon them. It is my feeling the courts will have sometime to say and communities will be heard.

I am speaking as someone who has a vested interest in our industry but who also understands a community’s right to zone and protect itself. I am the founder and past president of the Illinois State Wireless Association. There are plenty of alternative ideas and designs that can be considered for 5G deployment which communities can accept as well as not imposing a financial burden on communities.

Bob Stapleton

National Wireless Ventures II, LLC


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April 17, 2019         

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