Rogers 5G Footprints March Across Canada at 130 New Locations


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Canadian telecom Rogers Communications, expanded its 5G service to 130 new locations, according to a press release. Rogers says that with the addition of the newly linked communities, it has doubled its 5G footprint in Canada. The 5G recipients are residents of both small towns and metropolitan areas across various provinces. 

“We’re excited to roll out 5G to more communities large and small so that Canadians can use the latest 5G devices to their full potential,” stated Brent Johnston, President, Wireless, Rogers Communications. “With access to Canada’s largest 5G network, $0 down device and accessory financing, unlimited data, exclusive music offer and our Pro-On-the-Go service, there’s no question that Rogers is the best place to get the latest 5G devices this year.” 

Powered by Ericsson, Rogers’ 5G promises to deliver ultra-low latency for virtually instantaneous response times. Rogers first partnered with Ericsson in 2018 and has built a wireless network in Canada that it claims is the most reliable telecom with the best coverage. In 2019, Rogers spent US$1.29 billion on 600 MHz spectrum licenses, allowing the telecom to use the low-band spectrum to carry wireless data across longer distances and through dense buildings. 

“Expected to be the most transformative technology since wireless services were introduced in 1985, 5G will transition us to a truly digitally connected world,” said Jorge Fernandes, Rogers’ Chief Technology and Information Officer. “Now more than ever it is critical that we continue to invest in growing Canada’s largest 5G network to help drive economic recovery and bring world-class connectivity to more Canadian communities.” 

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