Designed to aid battlefield communications, the SEMPRE tower facilitates were developed for sharing encrypted data between military personnel in a secure environment. According to National Defense Magazine, Secure Electromagnetic Pulse Resistant Edge developed the SEMPRE tower to address this need and has been putting it through its paces since last summer.

Retired Air Force brigadier general and SEMPRE CEO, Robert Spalding, said that the tower is now being subjected to electromagnetic pulse testing. The military’s goal is to certify that the SEMPRE towers are resistant to Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks. If one tower is compromised, the aim is to make sure that the communications freeze does not impede wireless data transmissions through other towers.  

Spalding explained that the SEMPRE tower contains a “virtualized” core. “Our tower can continue to function because we have a functional core,” he said, “The brains of the system — on every tower that we have.” 

“The most cost effective means for DoD to adopt that would be to say, ‘Hey, help us … plug-and-play different hardware with other hardware, but also more importantly, give us the ability to bring different software loads into that platform,’” Spalding told National Defense Magazine

The SEMPRE towers are designed to function across different software platforms. They are also able to work with existing cell tower infrastructure. The towers are intended to be easily adaptable for the needs of the military, factoring in the military’s expanding use of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, noted Spalding. 

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