SnapStak® Plus Adjustable Hangers Means Faster Deployments


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Spending extra time on the tower is no one’s idea of a good time, as you were probably reminded the last time you had to hang a bunch of different-sized cables.

Traditional coaxial hangers, the industry’s longtime standard, weren’t designed to fit the wide range of fiber and power cables in use today. This issue has created a proliferation of diameter-specific grommet inserts, which adapt traditional coaxial hangers to every size cable an installer might encounter on the job site. The new SnapStak Plus adjustable cable hangers (covered by patents and pending patent applications) are the first and only uniquely designed hangers with a flexible section that adjusts to the cable diameter during installation. The new design enables one hanger to support a range of cable sizes without the need for a grommet insert. This flexibility makes hanger installation two to three times faster than the hanger and grommet combination.

SnapStak® Plus adjustable hangers eliminate the need for a grommet insert, so cable installation crews can do the same work in one-third of the time. This translates into significant savings where dozens of hangers are typically needed for each cable installed. The SnapStak Plus hangers are also stackable up to three deep to maximize tower utilization while the Flex tabs adjust to the exact diameter of the cable, eliminating the need for grommets to accommodate a range of hybrid and coaxial cables.

SnapStak Plus adjustable hangers are rigorously tested to ensure exceptional reliability and durability.

  • Tested to the newly-proposed IEC hanger test methodology
  • Exceptional reliability in extreme weather conditions
  • Designed to reduce vibrations and stress on the connections
  • Backed by CommScope’s 10-year warranty

Contact your CommScope representative today to learn more about SnapStak Plus adjustable hangers.

March 16, 2017   

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