The Sperry Tower is Stealth of Another Color

Sperry Communications Tower is likely one of the most unique projects STEALTH® has had the opportunity to create. Located in Eagan, Minnesota, this new landmark is a three-legged, 179′ radial antenna concealment tower designed and built for use as a communications tower for city, emergency and multiple carriers to host their equipment. All of the concealment levels were created from RF transparent panels assembled into the tower that now stands.

The need for a concealment came when the former Sperry water tower was removed in May of 2016. In an interview with the Eagan Patch, Eagan Communications Director, Tom Garrison said, “This [new tower] really marks Eagan as a destination, with a sense of fun and flair.” And that is does. This unique addition to their city becomes even more captivating as soon as the sun goes down. A total of 185 LED lights (5,400 bulbs) were installed throughout the panels. It can be programmed to run “an infinite number” of color combinations. For sporting events, the Fourth of July, Christmas or really any special event, they have a color combination or special effect to coordinate.

According to STEALTH(R), the Sperry Tower features: 

  • OSHA compliant platform design for technician accessibility and efficiency
  • Six grated platforms for tenant equipment operation, expandable to seven
  • Hot-dipped galvanized structure design to minimize maintenance
  • Incorporation of stealth concealment panels to screen tenant equipment and allow for frequency transfer
  • Tower lighting using an energy efficient Lumenpulse Lighting System
  • 112 – 4ft. RGBW (red, green, blue, white) color changing linear LED luminaires
  • 6 RGBW color changing flood luminaires
  • Static and variable illumination through DMX/RDM allows for easy commissioning of preprogrammed lighting schemes
  • LumanID software/hardware allows for direct PC networking for quick individual addressing, diagnostics, and luminaire demonstration

Watch the video here.

July 6, 2017        


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