Starry Joint Ventures With Marvell to Speed the Deployment of Fixed Wireless 5G


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Starry, Inc., a Boston-based technology company pioneering the use of millimeter waves for wireless last-mile gigabit broadband yesterday announced a joint initiative with Marvell (NASDAQ:MRVL). Marvell is a leader in storage, networking and connectivity semiconductor solutions. The venture, according to Starry’s press release, hopes to produce a new set of fixed wireless technologies that they expect will power the future of connectivity for broadband access.

The collaboration will bring together elements of Starry’s millimeter wave, pre-standard 5G fixed wireless technology, specifically, Starry’s integrated circuit, smart-antenna technology, with Marvell’s expertise in 802.11ax technology. Through this initiative, Starry will help accelerate the development of a pre-standard 5G technology ecosystem to meet the bandwidth and connectivity demands of the future.

Today, pre-standard 5G technology development is happening in silos with large, individual companies controlling the direction and pace of innovation and product development. The use cases of post-standard 5G remain under development, with mobile applications still years on the horizon and a 5G technical standard anticipated for 2020. However, today, the marketplace has recognized that the immediate-term and practical application of this next generation technology is the deployment of low-latency, high-capacity, fixed wireless broadband.

Today, nearly 70 percent of the world’s mobile cellular, internet traffic is served via WiFi from fixed networks, making the deployment of new technologies that enable high-capacity fixed broadband networks even more critical.  It is expected that this offloading will continue to be the most important element of the world’s wireless infrastructure due to its low cost and ubiquity.

January 10, 2018

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