“Stay” and Go Away: Court Grants Halt On T-Mobile Tower


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The New Jersey Superior Court granted a stay to halt T-Mobile’s construction of a tower until litigation involving the project concludes, reported CentralJersey.com.

According to Township Administrator Peter Valesi, T-Mobile did not file any opposition to Freehold Township’s request for a stay. As a result of the decision, T-Mobile will not be able to begin construction of the proposed tower unless the court eventually rules in the company’s favor.

In 2007, a semi-rural area of Freehold Township was targeted for a tower project by T-Mobile but residents voiced their opposition. T-Mobile’s application was denied in 2009 but the carrier received permission from the Superior Court to build the tower in 2011. However, construction has never taken place, reported CentralJersey.com.

In late 2017, municipal officials issued a stop-work order against the tower’s construction after equipment and materials to drill foundations were reported to have been mobilized. Township officials said the stop-work order was issued because the construction permit T-Mobile possessed, expired, reported CentralJersey.com

In 2018, an application from T-Mobile to erect the tower was subsequently denied. Among other reasons, the zoning officer’s denial in 2018 was based on coverage differences between 2007 and 2017.

Residents continued to oppose the tower, citing potential impacts on the environment, property values and their way of life.

“We are fully aware of why you [the residents] are here and we are continuing to act on your behalf,” Committeeman David Salkin said.

“We hear what you are saying and will do what is in our power for the best outcome for Freehold Township residents,” added Deputy Mayor Lester Preston.

March 14, 2019

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