T-Mobile and Lumen Become “Edge” Partners


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T-Mobile and Lumen Technologies are teaming up to help enterprises and governments with edge computing. SDxCentral reported that the companies plan to share assets to assist agencies build and deploy latency-sensitive applications that require distributed workloads.

According to David Shacochis, VP of enterprise technology and field CTO at Lumen, “The Lumen platform, with 60 plus planned edge market nodes distributed on our high-capacity global fiber network enables application designs with latency of 5 milliseconds or less between the workload and the endpoint device.” 

Mike Katz, EVP for T-Mobile for Business, said, “By pairing America’s largest and fastest 5G network with Lumen’s enterprise solutions, we can break down industry barriers and deliver unparalleled network reach to enterprise and government organizations looking to optimize their applications across networks.”

SDxCentral reported that the companies would focus on rolling out solutions in metropolitan areas that are already well connected. Shacochis added that the companies would target multiple use cases in various industries, including video and customer data in retail environments, advanced manufacturing and logistics, and mixed reality technologies in health care facilities and pharmaceutical support systems.

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