T-Mobile Offers Scam Shield for Usage by All Carriers


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T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS) implemented Scam Shield, making the feature available to all major carriers, to protect customers from invasive scams and unwanted robocalls. The carrier is working with Spectrum Voice from Charter Communications ahead of the FCC’s June 2021 deadline. If a call comes in from any of the major carriers, or any of several other smaller network providers, to T-Mobile’s network (or vice versa), the companies will be able to authenticate it’s coming from the phone number displayed in Caller ID. T-Mobile said this makes Caller ID even stronger in the fight against scams and robocalls. 

“If we know who’s calling, you’ll know who is calling,” said T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert. “Protecting customers against scammers and spammers is one of the most important things we can do as an industry.” Sievert said to date, T-Mobile has protected over 80 million customers from more than 33 billion suspect calls – and counting.  

“With the scam-blocking tools in Scam Shield, and by working with network providers of all sizes,” he said, “we are providing the industry’s most comprehensive scam and spam protection for free to all our customers and working every day to make scammers jobs impossible.”

T-Mobile provides STIR/SHAKEN implementations with AT&T, Comcast, Spectrum Voice from Charter Communications, UScellular, and Verizon Wireless as well as Altice USA, Bandwidth, Brightlink, Clear Rate, Google Fi, Inteliquent, Intrado, Magicjack, Peerless, and Twilio.

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