Tech Products Has the Tower Market Tagged


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It doesn’t take an MIT-educated engineer to make a durable sign that stands up to all weather conditions for decades, right?  Wrong.

Ken Nelson, B.S., Industrial Engineering, MIT is the CEO of Tech Products, Inc. and for the past 35 years has been making signs and ID tags used throughout every industry.  “I had an epiphany one day,” Nelson said “and came up with an idea for tags and signs that could withstand the elements and extremely harsh conditions year after year.  

After much testing and refining, that brainstorm developed into EVERLAST. A product of which I am extremely proud because it delivers what it promises.”

Ken’s vision has put Tech Products’ signage in use all over the world in identifying products for the utility and the (OEM) original equipment market including, utility pole markers, machinery data plates and safety signs for substations and transmission towers.

The company’s Everlast® brand is in use on many of the fiber optic cable, pipelines and distribution systems throughout the northern and southern hemisphere in extreme climate conditions and has been for 40 years. Everlast® has been tested by UL® to not fade in all environments, having been field tested since 1989. The company points with justifiable pride that one of its first customers, Delaware Electric Coop, is still one of its best customers.  

Tech Products also proudly states they serve the military in addition to the utility and telecom sectors; their Fasttag miniature cable marker product line has been used by the U.S. military on its battleships.  Another market, the energy industry, uses Fasttag to identify underwater cable and pipes on offshore oil rigs and many of the fiber optic cable of the cable industry.

Tech-3D is its metal embossed product line for making data plates and name plates for machinery and to mark utility poles.

TechBrite has been used by electric utilities to protect utility poles and pipeline companies to protect their pipes, from ATV’s in rural areas and municipalities to highlight traffic signage.  Comments? Email Us.”

December 12, 2018

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