TIA Seeks Participation in TR-14 Drones Task Group


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The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) TR-14 Engineering Committee on Structural Standards for Communication and Small Wind Turbine Support Structures seeks participation in its Drones Ad Hoc Group. The group is starting to build an industry-specific knowledge base around the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) technology.

UAS have the potential to impact a variety of areas ranging from health and safety to large-scale asset management. 

As UAS technologies continue to evolve, understanding the role they will play in the telecommunications landscape has become increasingly important.

Yesterday, the Drones Ad Hoc Group launched its Phase Two efforts focusing on building an industry-specific knowledge base around the use of UAS technology – ranging from in-field safety and workflow augmentation to automated flight and data processing capabilities.

“Drone technology provides an exciting alternative for supplementing various aspects of collecting data and evaluating wireless infrastructure,” said TIA-TR14 Chairman Bryan Lanier. “The TR-14 Committee looks forward to the advances in this technology, that can support and improve traditional methods of condition and maintenance assessment.”

To date the group has focused on examining drone-assisted field operations as they relate to existing antennas and small wind turbine support structures. Through a field test, the group inspections are a viable option for high quality data collection as part of a Condition and Maintenance Assessment required under TIA/ANSI 222-H Structural Standard for Antenna Supporting Structures, Antennas and Small Wind Turbine Support Structures.

Details of the project and insights from the in-field trial can be found in the Ad Hoc 23 Activity Report. The group is led by Committee Chair Sam McGuire of Red Mountain Scientific and Vice-chair Robert McCoy of Crown Castle. Membership includes stakeholders from AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Comcast, US Cellular, American Tower, Crown Castle, SBA Communications, and more than 15 engineering firms. TIA is seeking participation for TR-14 Drones Task Force Group from the user and general interest communities.

September 5, 2019

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