Tilson Joins INCOMPAS; Supports FCC’s Pledge to Keep Americans Connected


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Tilson, a national network development and information infrastructure professional services firm, has joined INCOMPAS, the internet and competitive networks association. Tilson’s CEO, Joshua Broder, has been appointed to the INCOMPAS Board of Directors, and Tilson’s General Counsel, Timothy Schneider, will serve as Tilson’s representative on the INCOMPAS Policy Committee. 

As one of INCOMPAS’ newest members, Tilson joined over 200 consumer and public interest organizations, internet and wireless providers signing a letter to Congress advocating for affordable broadband internet in forthcoming COVID-19 stimulus packages and recovery efforts. Through INCOMPAS, Tilson and its elemental infrastructure affiliate also signed the Keep Americans Connected Pledge sponsored by Chairman Ajit Pai. 

“I’m honored to serve on the INCOMPAS Board and look forward to playing a role in advancing their mission to push the envelope on new and innovative ways to provide competitive broadband access,” said Tilson CEO Joshua Broder. “Our participation and pledge to keep Americans connected underscores our mission to build America’s information infrastructure. We have taken significant steps to increase our investment in broadband development with our recent leadership addition, Andy Spurgeon, who will spearhead public sector opportunities including long-term broadband expansion initiatives supporting telehealth and distance education.”

“INCOMPAS is thrilled to welcome Tilson. They are an innovative leader, dedicated to expanding broadband access to fuel innovation that supports healthcare, education and business needs across the nation,” said INCOMPAS CEO Chip Pickering. 

INCOMPAS is the leading trade association advocating for competition policy across all networks, representing internet, streaming, communications and technology companies and advocating for laws and policies that promote competition, innovation and economic development. 

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