TIRAP Announces New Board Positions


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The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) announced Stephanie Brewer, Compliance Coordinator, Sabre Industries (formerly MUTI), was elected to serve as Chairperson and Joel Hightower, CEO, Hightower Communications, Inc., was elected to serve as the Vice Chairperson of WIA’s Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (TIRAP).

Brewer was involved from the inception of the program by supporting the board for many years prior to being elected last year to an open seat, and she also assisted in the creation of the occupations. Sabre (MUTI) was the first employer to register as a participant in TIRAP, and Stephanie has been an integral part of creating processes that are duplicatable and sustainable in managing a program of this size. She is the first woman Chairperson elected to TIRAP.

“It is a great honor to have the opportunity to lead this incredible group. It is also exciting to see more women in our industry getting involved and leading,” said Brewer. 

Hightower has served as a board member for many years and was also involved in the creation of the occupations for TIRAP. His company, Hightower Communications, is actively involved in the apprenticeship program. He has led the committee reviewing the antenna and line lead position as the position has been revised based on industry changes. He has extensive knowledge from his experience working in the industry in support of the goals for the apprenticeship program.

Overall, TIRAP works to facilitate the training of telecommunications employees to work safely, perform quality workmanship, and help them achieve the credentials set forth by TIRAP and credentialed by the Department of Labor.

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