Tower Company Woos Roachdale With Visions of a 300 Foot Tower

Despite the influx of wireless technology in today’s world, there are still rural areas where connectivity and coverage is limited. Putnam County in central Indiana is one such example, but Select Towers wants to change that bucolic landscape in more ways than one, reports the Banner Graphic.

Owner Brian Ramirez made a presentation in front of the Roachdale Town Council in which he proposed building a 250 to 300-foot cell tower in the town located in Putnam County. Ramirez noted that service providers frequently neglect rural communities, but he has noticed that changing in recent years.

“Rural communities have always been neglected; all of the big cities get all of the real service,” Ramirez told the town council, “but now I’ve seen a switch in the industry where (carriers) are wanting to provide service…to the more rural communities now. There is a lot of opportunity here and I think they’re about ready to come into this area a little more aggressively than they have before.” 

Ramirez received very positive feedback from the town council who seemed very supportive of the proposed structure. The town council was especially interested when Ramirez told them it would come at zero-cost to the zone, and the town might actually generate revenue with a potential lease for the structure.

No decision was made on the structure but due to the positive feedback, the council is expected to provide updates on the project in its next public session in May.

April 19, 2017


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