Tower “Meetings Upon Meetings” In New Canaan


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New Canaan, CT is set to hold a public meeting on November 20 regarding Homeland Towers’ application to construct an 85-foot monopine on behalf of AT&T. The tower will provide reliable 4G LTE service to over 1,000 residents, reported the New Canaanite. 

The meeting is a first for the Planning & Zoning Commission after adopting regulations in 2018 where those submitting applications to the state Siting Council “are strongly encouraged” to meet with the P&Z.

The meeting’s objective is to review the need for the facility, alternate sites, and the location of schools, “and places of public assembly” nearby.  

“What we have to think about is, in a way we are a bit of a leader—for better or for worse—in Connecticut, in terms of having passed these type of telecom regulations in which we ask for a consultation,” said John Goodwin, Planning & Zoning Commission Chairman.

The tower project, made public early last year by the property owner, stirred discussion and drew opposition from neighbors, according to the New Canaanite. Recently, First Selectman Kevin Moynihan received an attorney’s letter saying that AT&T had signed up as the primary carrier on the tower. The intent triggered an application process outlined in state statute, requiring input from the town or city regarding the location.

Goodwin described November’s planned meeting not as an application review, but rather, “an opportunity for us to provide input.” Commissioner Dan Radman added, “It’s not merely a recommendation to Homeland, and then it gets lost in the sauce. Our recommendations can formally go to the Siting Council for their record as to what our opinion is on this application.”

November 4, 2019

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