Tower Not On Course for Valdosta Residents


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Verizon Wireless proposed a 159-foot monopole location inside the grounds of the Valdosta Country Club golf course to close a coverage gap, reported the Valdosta Daily Times. At a recent packed Planning Commission meeting, residents voiced their opposition to the project.

According to Verizon representative Andy Rotenstreich, the country club was the only entity willing to sign an agreement with the company.

 He attempted to reassure people in the room that proximity to towers does not cause health problems nor lower property values of surrounding homes.  

Resident Jane Williams told the Daily Times, her biggest concern was “health” and went on to say that, “the Telecommunications Act of 1996 will not let a tower be declined for that, so next for me is property value.” Although she’s lived in her home for 26 years, she said she’ll move if a tower is erected near her property. “I don’t want to turn on the TV 10 years from now and have a lawyer tell me that I can become part of a class-action lawsuit because the experts were wrong, and cell towers were dangerous,” she said.  

Based on the outcry from residents, Commissioners approved recommendations to deny the tower request. Brad Folsom, representing the board of Valdosta Country Club, said of the decision, “We’re neither happy nor disappointed. We thought we made a good business decision and a good decision for the club, and we’ll see how it turns out in City Council.” The City Council will decide the final action on the matter on February 6.

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