It Was Tower Safety Week in the U.K., “Working Well With Towers,” Cheers!


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pasmaPASMA is a trade association for the ‘mobile access tower industry’ in the United Kingdom. Think of it as a combination of NATE and WIA in the U.S. It stands for The Prefabricated Access Suppliers’ and Manufacturers’ Association, founded in 1974, representing the interests of its members in the U.K., South Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East. The association not only represents manufacturers and suppliers, it also “provides and oversees the industry standard training scheme and is a major publisher of safety-related knowledge, information and guidance.”

Five years ago, PASMA established Tower Safety Week, which aims to contribute to reducing falls from heights and also to promote towers. This year’s event, “Working Well with Towers,” is happening now and ends on Friday, November 18. Goals of the week, according to Construction Safety, will promote height safety and aim to develop knowledge and skills in an industry that reported 26 percent of accidents in 2016 as a result of falling from height in the U.K. alone.  

Organizations partnering with the event are spreading the word through infographic content, special events of their own, and celebration of tower versatility and increasing use of innovation and challenging applications throughout this week.

PASMA’s Chairman, Carl Evans, told Construction Safety: “Tower Safety Week is dedicated to keeping people safe when working at height. It turns the spotlight on towers and provides a unique opportunity to inform and educate both existing and potential users.”

Other highlights for PASMA’s Tower Safety Week include an expanded website, new graphics, a High Tower Challenge and the Tower selfie GO! competition. PASMA’s spokespeople also told Construction Safety the event will not only provide a closer look at tower use across the U.K., but hopefully will also shape future safety campaigns, training and user guidance.

For more information about PASMA, visit and follow #towersafetyweek.

November 17, 2016

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