Town To Outsource Tower Build; Call For RFPs This Summer


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Purcellville’s Town Council recently authorized staff to advertise a request for proposals (RFPs) to build a tower at the Basham Simms Wastewater Facility. RFPs can go out as soon as the Council finalizes the contract extension with carriers whose antennas are currently on the town’s water tower, according to Loudoun Now. According to Public Works Director Buster Nicholson, the contract could be in place by July.

Current carriers include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. A new tower will increase coverage and allow the town to install its own equipment and increase revenue, with the four carriers leasing space at $1,500 each per month. Additionally, partnering with a telecommunications company to design and build the tower will save the town approximately $240,000 to construct a 175-foot tall monopole on its own.

Regarding the RFPs, staff will rate firms on their proposals using a 100-point system—30 points each for their descriptions on how they plan to increase the town’s bandwidth and increase cell coverage area; 25 points for how they plan to maximize revenue for the town; and 15 points for how they plan to make room for town equipment atop the tower, according to Loudoun Now.

June 17, 2019

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