Two T-Mobile Employees Sue Police Department After Terrorism Accusation


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Two T-Mobile employees are now suing the Rio Rancho (NM) Police Department after being accused in 2017 of “committing terrorism”. KRQE-FM reported that Abdul Cyeef-Din and Quan Tran were dispatched to check the cell signal near the HP building and the University of New Mexico (UNM) Sandoval Regional Medical Center. 

Cyeef-Din first stopped by the UNM Medical center to check the signal since it shares a tower with HP. Upon arrival, he was questioned by security guards and hospital staff. According to his attorney Joe Kennedy, even after showing security and staff proof of his job and assignment, police were called to the scene. 

During this time, Tran arrived at the UMN Medical center but could not help his colleague. Both T-Mobile workers were then “detained by Rio Rancho Police Department for an extended amount of time for an allegation that they were somehow suspected of terrorism,” said Kennedy.

Although both men were released without any charges filed, Kennedy says as a practicing Muslim who dresses in traditional wear, his client (Cyeef-Din) should not have been subjected to this type of treatment.  

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