U.S. Offers Financing for Countries to Use Non-Chinese 5G Technology


Brazil Ambassador Todd Chapman yesterday spoke about the risks of using Chinese companies, including Huawei Technologies, to build out 5G networks. He said using Chinese equipment could “discourage investments by other foreign companies that do not trust the technology.” 

The U.S. government is positioned to provide financing through its International Development Finance Corporation for Brazil and other countries to acquire 5G technology from non-Chinese equipment manufacturers. 

“More and more are understanding the challenges to the Brazilian economy moving forward, should it choose to move further with 5G implementation using these untrusted providers,” Chapman said. “We are simply alerting our friends and allies in Brazil that we have those concerns shared by many countries around the world that such technology is not the way to go.” 

This is a significant statement coming from Chapman considering Brazil has used Huawei for the past 20 years, according to Yahoo Finance. It reports Huawei successfully conducted 5G tests with Brazil’s major telecom operators and is a strong presence in Brazil’s infrastructure upgrades. 

Siding with President Trump, who has been vocal about spying concerns related to Huawei, Chapman recommends Ericsson, Nokia, and Samsung as companies that have successfully provided “appropriate” 5G technology that effectively protects information, data flows and intellectual property.

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