Unanimous Moratorium Ceases Cell Tower Activity


An emergency moratorium was approved 6-0 on Tuesday by the Camas City Council regarding any new wireless telecommunications facilities within city limits. According to the Camas Post-Record, the ban extends until August 7, 2017, allocating time for the council to thoroughly review and potentially adjust the current wireless telecommunications ordinance.

The moratorium states, “The City Council desires to review its zoning and use codes related to wireless communication facilities for consistency with the vision, goals and policies established through the Camas 2035 comprehensive plan.”

The moratorium also set a Planning Commission hearing on November 15, pertaining to approval of a wireless communication facility. Subsequent to the hearing, a report will be compiled, outlining proposed amendments. Public hearings will begin May 16, 2017, in front of the Planning Commission followed by the City Council on June 19, 2017.  

Judy Bauer, a Camas resident since 1991, hopes changes will be made to protect the community, “I think part of what has happened is the federal law has said that you can’t say no to cell phone towers. That may be the case, but we can regulate where and how tall and what they look like. We really need to consider that information carefully,” she said.

The moratorium comes on the heels of the city’s hearing examiner, Joe Turner’s decision on August 5, approving a conditional use permit allowing PI Telecom Infrastructure, LLC of Jacksonville, FL and Freewire of Beaverton, OR to build a 175-foot tower on private property. Post-Record noted that the decision was met with criticism. A motion was filed with the city requesting the decision be reconsidered based on misinterpretation of the law, lack of evidence and disregard for the city’s telecommunications ordinance.

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