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Valmont Site Pro 1 is a leading manufacturer of wireless site components, carrying an extensive inventory of cell tower site equipment, safety gear, and accessories. Boasting a product library of over 4,000 products and rapid shipping from eight nationwide facilities, they can reach 96 percent of the United States within one to two days.

“At Site Pro 1, we focus on high-quality, high-urgency and taking care of the customer,” said Mike Clementi, National Sales Manager at Valmont Site Pro 1 and Valmont Site Structures for North America.

 Clementi has been in the telecommunications industry for nearly two decades and with Valmont for 14 of those years. His team, part of the Engineered Support Structures (ESS) division, focuses on macro structures, their components, and small cell structures, working with municipalities, carriers, general contractors, broadcast organizations, railroads, and utilities.

“Right now, we’re hyper-focused on small cells especially since Valmont lighting manufactures 53 percent of the light poles in America,” said Clementi. “Amidst the ‘small cell gold rush’ that’s underway, we already have the knowledge, experience, and history with municipalities to get small cells implemented quickly.”

“We understand zoning and planning rules because we’re putting light poles in cities like Seattle, Charlotte, and Miami, to name a few,” added Clementi. “With 300 agents on the Valmont lighting side, we can easily facilitate small cell integration with municipalities. On the Communications side, we have a full-time team with everything from outside sales to inside support and engineered solutions ready to meet the telecom industry’s needs and the municipalities aesthetic requirements.”

Leaning heavily on their four core values—passion, integrity, continuous improvement, and delivering results—the Leadership Team, including Joseph Catapano, Vice President of Communications Systems, drives these four values home daily. “Joseph Catapano always says ‘take care of our customers’ and the business will take care of itself,” added Clementi.

“I think the tenure within our organization is a direct result of our core values,” he added. “I’m fortunate to have colleagues who’ve been with the company upwards of 30 or 40 years. I hope to be one of them someday.”

Valmont Site Pro 1 recently acquired Connect-It Wireless, adding a shipping facility and customer service center in Florida. “The Connect-It Wireless team share the same mission and philosophy as our Site Pro 1 family; it was a great fit, and we look forward to fully integrating their team into ours to further support our customers with additional products and services,” said Clementi. “We’re always trying to be better today than we were yesterday to take better care of our customers.”

Valmont Site Pro 1 has eight locations across North America, in New York, Georgia, California, Indiana, Oregon, Texas, West Florida, and South Florida. For more information or to contact a representative, visit

July 10, 2019

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