Verizon Installs Small Cells on Naval Base Coronado


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UPDATE Verizon says its new small cells installation on a California navy base will provide military and first responders reliable and secure connectivity. The installation at Naval Base Coronado is comprised of small cell deployments at Naval Air Station North Island, Naval Amphibious Base and San Clemente Island. It houses mission-critical capabilities for tactical and public safety operations, and improves connectivity for on-base tenant commands and residents.

Naval Air Station North Island Commanding Officer Captain Timothy Slentz called it, “a great step in the evolution of mission-critical communications on-base.” Through the partnership with Verizon, “we are building a more responsive, agile and secure network that will help meet our communications needs, even as technology continues to advance,” he continued.

The Verizon design included macro sites as well as small cells. The system provides a dedicated cellular network for day-to-day operations as well as emergencies. Naval Base Coronado is one of the first naval installations in the region to lay the groundwork for Verizon 4G LTE small cell wireless technology, which will help enable future 5G technologies for Smart Shore Initiatives.

The carrier has decades of experience working with military and federal agencies, emphasized Verizon SVP Public Sector Mike Maiorana. “This investment further solidifies Verizon’s commitment to the mission needs of the Navy.”

June 19, 2019

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