White House Issues 5G Spectrum Guidance, Priorities


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The Trump Administration yesterday published reports concerning spectrum priorities related to infrastructure supportive of small cells, DAS and 5G.

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), along with the Wireless Spectrum R&D Interagency Working Group, released Research and Development Priorities for American Leadership in Wireless Communications. In addition, OSTP simultaneously released a report on Emerging Technologies and their Expected Impact on Non-Federal Spectrum Demand. These reports will inform the National Spectrum Strategy and ensure American leadership in terrestrial wireless and satellite technologies for 5G and beyond, according to the OSTP.

“Efficient spectrum use and spectrum availability are fundamental to the nation’s security and prosperity, requiring a ‘whole-spectrum solution’ that encompasses and addresses scientific research, technology, policy, legislation, operations, and economics,” states OSTP in the documents.

The reports show the Administration’s priorities are to:

  • Pursue spectrum flexibility and agility to use multiple bands and new waveforms.
  • Improve near real-time spectrum awareness.
  • Increase spectrum efficiency and effectiveness through secure autonomous spectrum decision making.

In response, Wireless Infrastructure Association President/CEO Jonathan Adelstein said the reports will help inform the National Spectrum Strategy announced by the President in October, and help ensure America wins the global race to 5G. “The President has shown a strong commitment to U.S. leadership in 5G. I commend the White House and OSTP for their focus on efficient spectrum use and for encouraging private investment in next-generation wireless networks,” said Adelstein.

May 31, 2019

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