WIA Publishes Best Practices Report to Deploy Fiber


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The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) published a new report, “Fiber: An Essential Facet of the Connected Community,” which highlights the need for fiber connectivity in order to enable 5G and the Internet of Things. 

“Fiber deployments are an essential facet for providing 5G services across the nation. Its importance has been brought home profoundly during the pandemic when connectivity has been needed for remote working, learning, and living,” said WIA President/CEO Jonathan Adelstein. “Fiber is what underlies broadband deployments, yet businesses face many challenges in deploying it, such as gaining right-of-way access. Fiber enables Americans to reap the benefits of the next generation of wireless services. The report details how municipalities and industry working together can promote a successful 5G future for our nation’s communities.” 

The paper outlines best practices that municipalities, broadband providers, and other stakeholders can use in collaborating to deploy fiber, a necessary component for connectivity. Practices include those that encourage transparency, foster trust among stakeholders, allow efficiencies that save time and money, and promote connectivity. 

WIA’s Fiber Working Group authored the report. Rebecca Hussey, Managing Counsel, Utility Services at Crown Castle, chaired the group. Co-authors include Pat Foster, Assistant Vice President, Global Public Policy, AT&T; Ray LaChance, Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer, ZenFi Networks; Deron Leight, Vice President, Celerity Integrated Services, Inc.; Brandon Reed, Vice President of Underlying Rights and Government Relations, Zayo; and Jeffrey Strenkowski, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel of Governmental Affairs, Uniti Fiber and Uniti Group.

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