WIA’s Connect (X): All Access Draws Virtual Crowd of 4,500-plus


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The Wireless Infrastructure Association (WIA) announced yesterday their virtual conference, Connect (X): All Access, drew 4,500 viewers who “attended” the keynotes and panels, toured the Exhibit Hall, and engaged in live chat sessions. WIA will roll out additional content throughout the coming months, and content from the launch will remain available throughout the summer. The Small and Diverse Business Summit began Wednesday and continues through today. 

“It was truly special for the entire industry to gather virtually. WIA was so pleased to host this event and to see so much support from throughout the industry. Attendees were bouncing between keynotes and panels, engaging in lively discussion with Q and A sessions, and darting from booth to booth in the Exhibit Hall – you could sense the virtual energy,” said WIA President/CEO Jonathan Adelstein. “The keynotes illustrated great optimism and opportunity for 5G and detailed plans to advance next-generation networks. It’s clear that this industry is completely committed to global connectivity, even during this pandemic, and to helping the global economy any way it can, from acts of charity to complete overhauls of manufacturing needs. We thank our leaders who served as keynotes and panelists, our partners and sponsors, without them this event would not be possible, and the attendees who are continuing to further developments for wireless infrastructure.”   

“While Tuesday could not have been more engaging, the conference is not over. The Small and Diverse Business Summit is taking place and continues through today (Thursday),” said WIA Executive Vice President Tim House. “It’s a hallmark of the in-person Connect (X), and we are thrilled to be able to bring businesses together virtually and for free. Diversity and opportunity power this industry, and making these connections is one important way to ensure success.”

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