Wildfires Didn’t Take the Weekend Off


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Communications in the region have been difficult since the fires broke out last weekend, with many residents losing their power and struggling to find reliable cell coverage. State officials said Wednesday morning that the National Guard has brought in a satellite cell system to help people connect with loved ones. (see AT&T article below about donating for relief efforts)

Of the 77 cell towers knocked out in the fires, all but eight have been restored, according to the California Office of Emergency Services.

AT&T has deployed mobile cell sites to Santa Rosa, Willits and the Napa Town & County Fairgrounds to connect customers and emergency responders who have been without wireless service and connectivity since early Monday. Comcast has expanded use of its WiFi hotspots to the public for free.  

Where the wildfires are:

Site 1Canyon 2Orange County FD9,21711 miles east of Anaheim
Site 2Central LNU ComplexSonoma Lake Napa Unit, Cal FD68,7261 mile north of Santa Rosa
Site 3CherokeeButte Unit, Cal FD8,3603 miles north of Oroville
Site 4LionSequoia National Forest FD15,45010 miles northeast of Camp Nelson
Site 5Mendocino Lake ComplexMendocino Cal FD36,5001 mile west of Potter Valley
Site 6NEU Wind ComplexNevada-Yuba-Placer Cal FD17,2354 miles west of Grass Valley
Site 7Southern LNU ComplexSonoma Lake Napa Unit, CalFD54,7641 mile east of Napa
Site 8TableEldorado National Forest FD17017 miles northeast of Pollock
Site 9Thirty SevenMarin County FD1,66011 miles southeast of Santa Rosa 
TotalAcres: 210,422

Check out the Google Crisis Map for more information.

October 17, 2017   

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