WMAL Towers Slated to Come Down Today


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UPDATE The former towers for WMAL-AM, Washington, are scheduled to be demolished today, reports The Washington Post. Station owner Cumulus Media sold the 75-acre parcel in Bethesda, MD where the towers are located for more than $74 million. The deal with luxury home developer Toll Brothers closed this June, Inside Towers reported.

The four-tower array dates from 1941. The structures are slated to come down in a controlled explosion. Thom Doud, field operations manager for Phoenix, MD-based Controlled Demolition Inc., told The Post it will take “30 seconds tops” for each of the towers to fall. 

Over the years, local residents liked using the tower site as a public park. Three homeowners associations fought the sale for three years, saying it would bring more congestion to an already-crowded location near the area’s beltway.

The former studio site was demoed in 2016, Inside Towers reported. After Cumulus began planning the land sale, it began broadcasting from towers in nearby Germantown in 2018. WMAL is now broadcast on FM on 105.9 MHz.  

Toll Brothers plans to break ground for the new housing development next spring.

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