City of Sedona, AZ to Study Wireless Infrastructure Siting


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The Arizona hotspot has been a refuge for the snow-weary for decades and growth is forcing city planners to get cracking on a more comprehensive communications plan.
“Because wireless connectivity has become an everyday necessity for many families, businesses, first responders and other local government service providers, communities across the country have begun preparing Wireless Master Plans (WMPs), to help guide the development and construction of wireless infrastructure,” Assistant City Manager Karen Daines announced this week.

The city said it has contracted with CityScape Consultants, Inc., to develop a wireless master plan which “will identify the most appropriate locations for future siting of wireless infrastructure. The city’s Land Development Code will also be updated to ensure local ordinances comply with federal regulations, but still exercise a city’s limited authority to influence certain aspects of the infrastructure’s placement and appearance,” the city said in its announcement.
A kick-off meeting open to the public is planned for July 13, 2016, from 3 to 5 pm MST in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 102 Roadrunner Drive, Sedona 86336.
Sedona planners believe “the comprehensive approach to wireless development will help align the needs of wireless broadband service providers with government and community objectives. This should allow for infrastructure planning and development that will accommodate multiple providers, improve public safety, and help attract and retain residents and businesses.”