Commissioners Reject Deal and Move Tower


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The Athens County Commissioners in Ohio had some decision to make after Sam Grim proposed to renew his tower lease with the county in exchange for a woodburner and a generator. However, the Commissioners turned him down and are now considering moving the tower, which could cost up to $200,000. Even though the proposed deal would have been legal, 911 Director Dan Pfeiffer recommended moving the tower anyways due to the county’s rocky relationship with Grim, Athens Ohio Today reported. The Messenger asked Eliason why the county is going with the more expensive option, rather than just accepting Grim’s deal. Commission President Lenny Eliason said the deal Grim offered (which would have cost about $3,500) is more than the county pays for leasing other tower sites, and that moving the tower from Grim’s property will result in a “less difficult situation.” He pointed out that the replacement tower will be taller, and the Glouster-area 911 site will get a better tower. “We have a chance to improve two sites with the investment,” Eliason said. (The Messenger)

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