Red Mountain Scientific – Startup Leverages Science and Creativity to Solve Tower Safety Issues


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By Keara M. Piekanski, Inside Towers

What happens when an entrepreneur with an engineering and ecological background sets out with a mission to inspire people to think creatively and seek innovative solutions to business and technological challenges? Red Mountain Scientific in Fort Collins, CO happens! Mike Moses, President/CEO, launched the startup earlier this year to build software that creates real efficiency gains for customers who manage and service towers and wind turbines.

According to Red Mountain Scientific, there are typically two barriers keeping companies from being proactive when it comes to inspections: manpower and access to data. That’s why the company leverages aerial footage from drones to complete a 360-degree review of towers and wind turbines, processing data via a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform to identify and categorize any anomalies.

According to Sam McGuire, Business Development Manager, and former tower inspector, “Our AI and data analytics are where Red Mountain Scientific take inspections to the next level. Anyone can fly a tower and take some photos, it’s how you interpret the data that makes all the difference; we’re able to provide analysis and insights, helping our clients more quickly identify and address any damage.” 

Red Mountain Scientific works with both tower ownership groups and field service teams to recognize structural issues and connect clients and vendors to get problems fixed. For tower companies, providing visibility and reducing the amount of fragmented data when it comes to reporting is a key differentiator. “Tower data is still very fragmented and unorganized. Whether you own a couple towers or a couple thousand, it can be very difficult to understand the health of your business. Drones are making it safer, faster, and more cost-effective to gather that data. We then provide the data organization and analytics to help inform proactive business decisions,” said McGuire.

And for the field service industry, Red Mountain Scientific is helping to put another tool in the toolbox for those that do the manual climbing, encouraging increased safety. “Drones are effectively reducing the amount of time climbers need to spend off the ground. As more companies continue to prioritize safety on site, we know it’s only a matter of time before tower companies and telecoms start collaborating with the drone industry more closely,” McGuire added.

Red Mountain Scientific is just getting started with building products in an agile format to give tower owners what they need. According to McGuire, 2018 will be a year of expansion for the company. “We initially launched targeting the Greater Colorado Region but based on demand we are expanding our reach quickly. We’re also very excited to expand our service offerings with new releases as early as Q1 of 2018,” McGuire said. Which makes sense, since the company’s core mission is to create an organization driven by continuous learning and scientific discovery.

For more information on Red Mountain Scientific or to contact the company, visit

Published December 15, 2017

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