FCC Offers Early Access to Broadband Data Collection System


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Federal regulators are giving fixed and mobile broadband providers early access to the Broadband Data Collection system ahead of its scheduled June 30 launch. The effort is part of the FCC’s work to improve its broadband location maps.

The point is to enable users to become familiar with how the system will work before the filing window opens. Now, users can log in, register and be ready to enter their availability data as soon as possible. Initial filings are due no later than September 1.

Facilities-based service providers who have one or more user connections are required to file data in the BDC system on where they make mass market internet access service available as of June 30. Find more information here about the categories of broadband providers that must file availability data, the entities that may also submit verified availability data, and what data must be filed.

Governmental and Tribal entities that log in and fill out their entity identification information will be able to access the production version of the Broadband Serviceable Location Fabric data after signing a licensing agreement. The BDC system is accessible at: https://bdc.fcc.gov/.

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