FCC Seeks Comment on Streamlining Proposals


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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai this summer proposed two ways to modernize the Commission’s processes. Friday, the Commission said both proposals have moved to the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking stage.

Under the first proposal, the FCC would continue the agency’s move toward electronic filing and correspondence by fully transitioning the Universal Licensing System from paper to electronic format. The second proposal would expedite the Commission’s hearing processes by expanding the use of written hearings (i.e. hearings conducted without live testimony).

“As the communications marketplace is being transformed by the digital revolution, we must continue to modernize our own operations,” said Chairman Pai. “By transitioning more records and communications from paper to electronic format, we can save money and increase our efficiency. And by streamlining our hearing rules, we can resolve disputes more quickly, which will benefit the private sector as well as the Commission.”

Comments to both proposals, to Dockets 19-212 and 19-214, respectively, are due 30 days after Federal Register publication.

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