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The FCC released a Public Notice on June 17 to remind antenna structure owners of the registration obligations after recent reviews of ASR applications illustrated several defects in the process. Some problems that occurred were: (1) An antenna structure owner fails to both obtain a No Hazard Determination from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and register the antenna structure prior to construction; (2) Registrant fails to notify the Commission within five days of completion of construction or dismantlement. (3) The lighting and painting used for the tower differs from the lighting and painting listed in the ASR system and/or specified in the structure’s No Hazard Determination issued by the FAA; (4) The actual height or location of a registered antenna structure is materially different from the registered height or location of the structure. The FCC published this notice to reiterate the rules, and caution that violations may result in monetary forfeitures or other enforcement actions.

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