Forward-Thinking Landowners are Building for Carrier and Community Wireless Needs


Landmark Vertex™ helps them create a comprehensive, long-term solution.

For a carrier deploying small cells in places like the City of Lancaster in California or the Dallas Area Rapid Transit system in Texas, it doesn’t get much easier. These landowners took the lead and shaped the build out of technology on their properties. Unlike many such plans, these were made with both consumer needs and carrier needs in mind.

Lancaster and DART each wanted to create a long-term, comprehensive solution for wireless technology and densification. With the increasing demand for service and connectivity, many authorities are overwhelmed by the number of small cell applications coming in.

“Places get caught off-guard with the volume. Each carrier submits a lot of applications and there isn’t coordination between carriers,” explains Jared Pickerell, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Landmark Dividend, LLC. “Without a smart plan, they’re facing a lot of stress and visual clutter. But with a plan, they can take control. They can act rather than react.”

Landmark worked with the city and with DART to develop their plans and supporting infrastructure. “We have a long history in the telecommunications industry,” says Jeff Mulrennan, Landmark’s Senior Vice President of Business Development. “We know what the carriers need for their technology. But we also understand real estate and landowners—they want good-looking, value-added solutions.”  

Balancing both carrier and community concerns, Landmark developed its Landmark Vertex™ Colocation Ecosystem, an attractive, long-term solution for wireless build out and densification. “There was a gap in the market for a complete plan. This fills that gap—it is a true ecosystem,” says Mulrennan. “It adapts to its surroundings based on the carriers’ or other wireless needs.”

Space inside, security outside, and simplicity all around

The ecosystem includes neutral-host smartpoles, optional kiosks, fiber and electrical distribution centers, backup power, and fiber hubs. Each ecosystem is organized for the unique layout of the property, the expected needs of the carriers, and the needs of the landowner. 

If you’re a carrier, a Landmark Vertex™ smartpole supplies space for your 4G or 5G equipment, plus power and fiber. The fully enclosed smartpole keeps your equipment secure. And if the jurisdiction has the infrastructure in place, installation is fast and easy.

If you’re a landowner, a smartpole has space for IoT sensors, public WiFi, public safety equipment, gunshot detectors, and environmental sensors. Outside, the structure has custom LED lights, security cameras, and a classic exterior—perfect for signage, artwork, or leaving as-is. Kiosks add area-specific information for residents and visitors.

Landmark knows moving a plan like this through an approval process takes thoughtfulness and time. So, it coordinates transparently with all stakeholders to balance their needs and create a successful plan. Landmark also works to keep the project cost-neutral for landowner budgets and explains any revenue generating potential.  

Highlighting versatility: The City of Lancaster and DART

Lancaster uses the Landmark Vertex™ Ecosystem on over a dozen city-owned properties to build its own wireless infrastructure, densify its network, and embrace smart city technology. Its Landmark Vertex™Ecosystem takes advantage of 5G connectivity, small cell co-location, LED smart street lighting, and public WiFi.  The city is also testing IoT sensors and video monitoring for public safety.

Meanwhile, DART—the nation’s largest public transportation network—wanted to connect 90 different stations across 17 metropolitan cities. Partnering with Landmark, they created a modern network to turn each of their stations into a digital hub for users. DART’s Landmark Vertex™ Ecosystem uses a series of kiosks and smartpole infrastructure to supply information, connectivity, and security to thousands and thousands of daily commuters and visitors.

How can Landmark Vertex™ help you?

Whether you’re a carrier looking to fill a gap in coverage or you’re an enterprise, agency, or municipality wanting to create a wireless infrastructure plan, Landmark Vertex™ can support your project’s success. Discover how they can help.

Landmark Dividend, LLC has been serving the wireless communication industry for nine years. It is excited to offer Landmark Vertex™, which solves an industry-wide problem for wireless carriers, municipalities, commercial enterprises, transportation authorities and utility field area networks. 


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