GME Supply Releases New Products to Keep Climbers Safe This Year


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A new year brings new products and recently GME Supply posted a few of the new products they will selling this year on their blog. “Ergodyne announced an expansion of their Squids Tool Lanyard Line to include a new set of retractable tool lanyards. They combine the safety and security of a tool lanyard with the convenience of self-setting length options,” Alex Giddings of GME Supply shared. New from Kenwood in 2014, the ProTalk LT PKT-23 is a powerful business radio in a compact form. This tiny radio only weighs 3.9 oz but still cranks 1.5 watts of power to communicate over a very large area. This product will help keep climbers in communication with their team on the ground. Another great new product is the Rock Exotica Enforcer Load Cell. Giddings explains, “The Rock Exotica Enforcer Load Cell is a compact aluminum load cell that measures force up to 20 kN. It’s compact and portable so it can be used “in-line” in rigging systems to measure the load force. Plus, with Bluetooth connectivity you can monitor wirelessly on your iPhone. It features a “slow” mode for monitoring or “fast” for break-testing. The swivel attachment points diminish potentially dangerous torsional and off-axis forces, and reviewing tests is simple with downloadable graphs on your computer.” Stay safe this year and make sure your equipment is up to date before you begin your vertical journey.

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