HetNet Expo Enterprise Panels Highlight Importance of Education, Communication

The second day of the HetNet Expo 2017 comprised of keynote addresses from top CRE leaders. First up, was the ‘Can Wireless Coverage Keep Your Buildings Full?’ panel with CBRE’s Telecom Advisory Services’ Adrian Berezowsky, weighing in from an advisory perspective, and Vornado Realty Trusts’ Nicholas Stello, speaking from an owner perspective.

Stello explained the first time he was required to put cellular coverage in a building was six or seven years ago and how times have since evolved. Moderator Rich Berliner, publisher of Connected Real Estate Magazine referenced a previous panel where Stello said they’re now seeing technology clauses in leases. While Stello manages and owns properties, and in turn, has to educate his peers, Berezowsky faces a different challenge — educating his clients, since CBRE manages properties on their behalf. Both agreed that education in regard to the need for coverage capacity is key.

Adrian Berezowsky was asked about the RFI process that CBRE recently undertook. Berezowsky said it was the first step for understanding how to move forward. It was a helpful process to determine the scope of what’s happening in the marketplace. Ultimately, he said, there may not be one specific solution that will be a ‘catch-all’ for all of their clients, since their customer list is so diverse.

The next panel, “The Cooperative Method for Success” featured Jim McCulloch of Vertical Bridge, Mario Gonzales of Welltower and Mike Stone from Revantage Corporate Services, a Blackstone Company.  Stone and Gonzales described how Vertical Bridge is able to leverage their carrier relationships to drive rooftop revenue and assist with other communications needs in their space. Mike Stone commented on how in his hospitality based company, customer satisfaction is the absolute goal. Guests expect proper wireless coverage in their rooms, pool and lobbies and WiFi alone is not sufficient. McCulloch stressed that regardless of what type of wireless needs his customers had, he would do his best to advocate and help.

In the last keynote speech, Tom Taddeo of Kimco Reality was interviewed by Bill Cune of Corning. Tom stressed an approach of ‘measure twice, cut once’ when it comes to building communications infrastructure. He emphasized that preparation and collaboration are key to ensure all work stages are completed once without the need to continuously modify and redo costly infrastructure. He discussed a long list of potential services that could be thought through while designing a network, such as: digital electric, sensors, interactive kiosks, digital signage, EV charging, security and access control, intelligent parking, LED lighting, building management systems, and fiber to the edge.

October 12, 2017


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