Increasing Client Revenue Through Site Marketing


By Michelle Choi, an insider at Lease Advisors

Operating globally, Lease Advisors offers financial services and lease consultancy for cellular and billboard lease owners. Specifically, these experienced consultants partner with their clients on acquisition, negotiation, financial, and real estate issues related to cellular and billboard leases. Overseeing hundreds of lease transactions with a range of clients that includes investors, businesses, non-profit organizations, municipalities, and individual landowners, Lease Advisors assists lease owners in making informed decisions that yield the greatest possible return from their assets.

As part of the firm’s objective to secure the most advantageous terms and profits on telecom and billboard leases, Lease Advisors utilizes the importance of strategic exposure of a site to potential tenants in a hyper-niche market. The benefits that could result from a well-designed partnership may quickly eliminate the burden that a vacant cell tower site or property has on leaseholders. Lease Advisors’ Site Marketing Program employs a fulltime team of site marketers and decades of experience to bring clients and tenants together in a way that accomplishes the goal of adding tenants to qualified sites resulting in an increase in lease revenue for lease owners.

Lease Advisors’ Site Marketing Program, was developed as the result of a partnership with InSite Wireless Group, LLC. With decades of industry experience, these infrastructure experts own and operate tower sites and distributed antenna systems (DAS) and specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of shared wireless infrastructure solutions that enhance the capacity of wireless data and voice services for towers across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Attention to the details of specific terms, loopholes, restrictions, and market trends surrounding telecom leases helps Lease Advisors to tailor the lease agreements to the needs of the client. The Lease Advisors process seamlessly offers efficient, no-hassle transactions resulting in maximized lease value for its clients.

Lease Advisors’ team of industry veterans leverage decades of real estate, finance, and legal expertise to provide the most efficient partnerships for leaseholders. In an interview with Business Wire, CEO Jarred D. Saba said, “our goal is to offer the highest payouts in the industry and consistently provide the best customer experience to landowners. Closing a twenty-three lease transaction across nineteen properties in twelve states in less than thirty days clearly demonstrates the efficiency of our closing process and the professionalism of TLA’s team. Each transaction is uniquely tailored to the landlord’s needs, so it’s critical that we continue to create a transparent and timely process for our clients.”

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